SmartBiz - Your Financial Partner

Grzegorz Solyga
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Let me introduce you to SmartBiz, the simpliest financial management application for small companies and startups. Tracking your accounts, managing your finances, and managing your liquidity are all made simple with SmartBiz. With SmartBiz, you can confidently plan for the future, gain a deeper understanding of your business, and make well-informed decisions. What's best? As SmartBiz is easy to use and intuitive, no prior accounting knowledge is necessary to get started. Now with integration, controlling your money has never been simpler.

What will you get?
- supplier cost tracking tool (opex),
- simple costing and pricing tool,
- busienss finance planner (profit and liquidity),
- user-friendly interface,
- real time financial data,
- access from eveywhere,
- integration (incl. open AI)
and with this integration businesses can keep all their financial data in one place as well as all other operational information.

Please find tutorial at this link:

To whom this tool is addressed:
- people willing to gain greater understanding of small business finances (edu),
- owners of small businesses and start-up's (low product lines),
- companies owners in need for more financial insight,
- for training purposes.

If you have any question find me and write me on Discord: grzegorz.sol#6900

Also please find below link to

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A Simple Business Financial Planning Tool is a tool designed to help small businesses plan and manage their finances effectively. This tool allows businesses to create budgets, track expenses, monitor cash flow, and project revenue and expenses all in one straightforward platform. With easy-to-use features and user-friendly interfaces, businesses can quickly analyze their financial health and make informed decisions. This tool is ideal for small businesses that want a straightforward and practical solution to financial planning without the complexity and cost of more advanced financial software. Integration to allows your businesses to keep all their financial data in one place alongside their other business operations. Its collaborative features enable teams to work together on financial planning, share updates, and ensure that everyone is on the same page. By using this tool businesses can stay on top of their finances, reduce data silos, and make informed decisions based on financial data.


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SmartBiz - Your Financial Partner

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